The One

Many tend to get immensely infatuated with the idea of finding the ideal relationship or mate, the one, a true love. I was remembering something a friend shared that sparked this inspiration.

We all are true love.

And if we are true to ourselves we will find that the most important relationship is the one with ourselves and the divine within us. We will see reflections and extensions of our self all around, but your true love, is you. Everyone is our teacher, we share in the lesson of life. To remember the immense power and love within of we allow ourselves to tap in and stop looking out the window, wishing and hoping.

The phrase the second coming of Jesus popped in my head this morning. It was bizarre. This is what followed:

The second coming is you, it’s me.

It’s awaiting our realization.

It’s awaiting for the masses to wake up. It’s happening and we are an extension, a reflection of the source of unity.

Tap in.

Tune in.

You are the One you have been waiting for.

Once you feel that and understand that you will bear amazing witness to what happens next.

Be love.

Kiss You Awake

I see you.

I feel you.

You are strong.

You are capable.

I feel you struggle.

You don’t have to.

Let me kiss you awake and open your heart.

Let all the fear and heartache flood out on my flesh

And let my love fill you with grace while kiss you again and caress your face.

I look in your eyes and can see your soul.

I recognize your power and understand your needs and desires because I have them too.

Just as there is a little girl inside that cries out for attention and love, I know there is a boy inside too.

He may be insecure and unsure but I know he is also wise, sweet and with knowing.

Listen to his heart.

Listen to your heart.

Let me kiss you awake.

Let me see the sparkle in your eyes.

When you need me I am here

To listen

To hold

To love

And ravish you too.

Let me kiss you awake.

Wild Fire

I found you in the darkness, stirring in my soul

A power so profound, I have absolutely no control.


I heard you in the darkness, a voice so calm and near

It was not my ears that heard, but my soul so loud and clear.


There are so many questions, with no answers to be found.

I often find myself kneeling, on the blessed ground.


My heart pulls me outside my chest, there is no remedy

It yearns to bring you closer, so much closer to me.


You walk around my dreams, you fill me with desire

There is nothing that can explain this rampant wild fire.


I wish to open my eyes and see you in the light

To kiss your sweet face and tell you it’s alright.


I don’t know where we’re are going


I don’t know what to do.


All I know


With each breath I take


I feel a deep love


For you.

Why Are You Here?

I just can’t do it.

As hard as I try.

I tell the feeling to please go away.

You have no business here.

I can’t see you.

I can’t hold you.

I can’t kiss you.

Why are you here?

There is something in here, that is quite clear.

So my lesson my love is to love you from here.

I can’t see your eyes

I can’t feel your breath

Why does this sometimes feel like death?

The fire is strong and the energy high

The wind of the universe won’t let it die.

It burns through distance.

It burns through time.

It burns through the illusions and lies in my mind.

So for now, you are a dream

Something unseen

The untouchable love

Felt in between.

In between breaths

In between clouds

In between my heart beats

That I can hear out loud.

In between the time

In between the space

My love for you is here

In my heart space.

“The worst punishment is to throw someone out of your heart.” ~Maharaji


Can you live a life fully, not living your truth?

Can you love fully

When you live a lie?

Can a heart survive

with just a yearning inside?

Do you trust the flow

Or attempt to bend the wind?

Can you see the depth

Even with your mask so thin?

Can you jump and free fall without a net

Not knowing where you will land?

Place your bets.

Are you strong or are you scared as you tip toe along?

Do you want to see the sunrise as you sing your heart song?

Life is so short

What will you do?

Will you offer yourself freedom for yourself and others too?

Under The Same Sky

I look up and see…

The same sky

The same moon

The same constellations

That dance in the night.

A bolt of lightening

Struck my heart

While daydreaming of your face.

It leaves me split open,

Wide open

Now there is no time or space.

I reach out to touch you

and your hand is not there

But when I close my eyes

I feel you

In me

Around me,

I feel you everywhere.

I may not see your smile

Or taste your precious lips

But I thank you for your presence,

Your love and

Your endless


Between Two Worlds

As I lay between two worlds

The energy creeps in.

It ravishes my heart and mind

As my body invites it in.

It tingles my toes and works up legs

As the heat begins to rise.

I only wish you could see the fire

That burns deep within my eyes.

It consumes my flesh,

Kisses under my skin

As I feel the power spiral –

Through each cell,

Each fiber of this blanket,

I breath so deeply

I am not sure I can take it.

Again it bursts

My body shakes

And surrenders

As I shed my skin.

I feel you, love

For you are here

flowing with me

in these waves.

How can it be that

we are so close

Yet be worlds away?

Reflections of Love

Love is my life and life is my love.

It has filled me up until I overflow with emotion and truth in each moment. I love many with my beating heart and there are some that have left stronger footprints than others. Life is a lesson of love in each moment. The love for yourself, the love for others, the love for your community, humanity, the planet and the cosmos.

Love is the energy of creation and destruction. It’s black, it’s white, it’s the beams of the sun and the dark moonlit night.  It’s the current running through your veins, it’s the pressure in your heart that guides you on your path with all of the twists and turns and highs and lows. Love is always there, even when you feel as though it may have eluded you.

I think of the giving and receiving in all of love’s expressions. I think of the times that it struck me out of nowhere into new awareness of what is possible, that it never fails you, even if the landscape does or the people change form.

Everyone that crosses our path is a love lesson.

I think of the relationships with my family, strangers, my good friends and the lovers I have had along this journey. I chose them all for a reason, my heart did, to teach me something. I may not always know why until much later, but I thank you.

People may come and go, but love is still there.

I now sit with this love in my heart.

Where did you come from and why are you here?

A new experience that defies logic.

I have tried to understand it until my head was going to explode.

I did not ask for it, or maybe I did.

I have never felt his breath, but I feel him with me as his kisses caress my skin, how he wakes me in the night and reaches out for my hand, but he is not there. I hear his voice as it dives deep into my soul. I have heard this sound before, but from where?

He embraces me with a tenderness and passion although his arms are out of reach.

My heart is a faithful to this connection even though I almost ignored it. It would not let me. I could not deny it.

Resistance is futile.

So I swim in these unknown waters, hoping the currents will bring us together in a lovers embrace, but knowing that they may not.

It’s Deja vu.

Somehow, I remember.

I remember loving you.

And somehow, that is enough.

The Destination

The moment our eyes open and we leave the warm womb we have been transported to a new world.

This journey has begun.

As we go through our life we are offered countless experiences that shape us and create the world that we live in. We hear stories, create stories and begin a storage of beliefs that can either open us up to possibilities or limit our existence. We learn to listen to others, do what we are told, do this, follow that. We constantly go on looking at this road map waiting to get to the final destination in the hopes that when we get there everything will be perfect, blissful and worth all the pain, strain and heartache that you have found on this interstate.

There are many that believe when we leave this earth we go to heaven?

Maybe we do.

Maybe we don’t.

Maybe we return as a rabbit.

Let me show you my magic hat as I attempt to pull a rabbit out for you and offer some thoughts that may change the direction you take as you review your travel plans.

What if the journey never ends?

Suppose there is no final destination.

The only thing we have is the journey and it’s up to us to create what we desire.

The future as we imagine it is not guaranteed and the past is just a fuzzy Nick and Nite rerun in your mind.

We do not live in the past.

We do not live in the future.

Our destiny is the destination of each moment.

Your journey takes you to many destinations.

It’s our heart and mind that guide us. That is our GPS, but do we listen?


If we do not like our current destination what do we do?

Who do we call to change the reservations that we have made?

Close your eyes.

Take a breath.

Where do you want to go?

In that moment we open our eyes to a new world.

A new destination.

Our thoughts and perceptions can help or hinder our travel plans.

Where do you want to go?

Heaven or hell, peace or chaos is built into your dashboard.

It just depends what you choose to see out of the windshield of your mind.

My suggestion is to eliminate cruise control so that you can make choices in awareness.

Know where you want to go.

You can get there when you clean out the old debris from the past off road experiences.

If you choose to take to the sea and sail, don’t fight the wind or the currents. Flow with it.

In each moment a new beautiful destination awaits you.

You bought the ticket.