I Am

As I gestate in the darkness awaiting to emerge

I am simply floating consciousness.




In an ocean so vast and open with countless currents of possibility,

I know not what awaits for me.

There is struggle.

There are storms.

There is a mind to reform.

I awake to see the sun

And see that light and dark

Merge as one.

Between the shades of gray I fly

With reflecting sunbeams in my eye.

I am not this flesh and blood you see.

I am love

I am life

I am humanity.

No. F**k You


Fuck you.

I will not live in your status quo box.

I will not fucking toe the line.

I do not care what the fuck you think

And I don’t know how everything will be or end up,

But I refuse to be chained to what you or other people think I should do,

Or who I should be.

Fuck you.

I’m me and I will do what is right for me.

Take it or leave it.

I am walking around looking at all the beauty

And bullshit.

This life and this moment is not forever.

Be who you are, do what you want.

Live and love with your heart wide open.

Yes, you have crushed me.

I should be dead.

I’m not.

I’m fucking here and guess what?

I’m on fucking fire.

Fuck you.

Tao of Healing

The universe conforms

To no one’s design
Nor can you heal someone
Against their will.

Their purposes are sacred,
Inviolate, encompass realms
Even illumined masters
Dare not tread.
Some are here to celebrate
Others to mourn;
Some here to be sick
Some to be healed;
Some are here to live,
Others to die;
Some are here to love,
Others to be loved.

One who understands makes no attempt
To solve the puzzle of another,
To stop their world from turning
To keep a soul from learning.


Source: unknown

My Love, You Are Still Here

With all the fits,


And fury,

My love,

You are still here.

The resonance of the heart can be drowned

By the madness of the ego mind,

Drop the fears,

Just leave them behind.
No matter where you wander,

No matter where you roam,

It’s the universal heartbeat

That brings us all home.


Mind Your Business

Our life, our path, our journey is uniquely our own.

It is in our best interest not to compare or judge.

Everyone has circumstances, experiences and connections that aid in their purpose.

As one friend reminds me, there are no accidents.

People may come and go, but they are never gone.

Everything is shape shifting.

If you concern yourself with where you are going, or someone else’s path you have missed the gift of where you are living and breathing right now.

Sometimes you may feel stuck or stagnate on your path.

This is but a pregnant pause.

I reminded my daughter yesterday as she was practicing yoga.

She said, “mommy, I am still.”

I said, yes you are, but you are still active and moving with your breath.

Some may not understand.

It’s not their business.

As Krishna Dass has said, “Just do your business.”

I say, mind your business and enjoy the ride.

The One

Many tend to get immensely infatuated with the idea of finding the ideal relationship or mate, the one, a true love. I was remembering something a friend shared that sparked this inspiration.

We all are true love.

And if we are true to ourselves we will find that the most important relationship is the one with ourselves and the divine within us. We will see reflections and extensions of our self all around, but your true love, is you. Everyone is our teacher, we share in the lesson of life. To remember the immense power and love within of we allow ourselves to tap in and stop looking out the window, wishing and hoping.

The phrase the second coming of Jesus popped in my head this morning. It was bizarre. This is what followed:

The second coming is you, it’s me.

It’s awaiting our realization.

It’s awaiting for the masses to wake up. It’s happening and we are an extension, a reflection of the source of unity.

Tap in.

Tune in.

You are the One you have been waiting for.

Once you feel that and understand that you will bear amazing witness to what happens next.

Be love.

Kiss You Awake

I see you.

I feel you.

You are strong.

You are capable.

I feel you struggle.

You don’t have to.

Let me kiss you awake and open your heart.

Let all the fear and heartache flood out on my flesh

And let my love fill you with grace while kiss you again and caress your face.

I look in your eyes and can see your soul.

I recognize your power and understand your needs and desires because I have them too.

Just as there is a little girl inside that cries out for attention and love, I know there is a boy inside too.

He may be insecure and unsure but I know he is also wise, sweet and with knowing.

Listen to his heart.

Listen to your heart.

Let me kiss you awake.

Let me see the sparkle in your eyes.

When you need me I am here

To listen

To hold

To love

And ravish you too.

Let me kiss you awake.

Wild Fire

I found you in the darkness, stirring in my soul

A power so profound, I have absolutely no control.


I heard you in the darkness, a voice so calm and near

It was not my ears that heard, but my soul so loud and clear.


There are so many questions, with no answers to be found.

I often find myself kneeling, on the blessed ground.


My heart pulls me outside my chest, there is no remedy

It yearns to bring you closer, so much closer to me.


You walk around my dreams, you fill me with desire

There is nothing that can explain this rampant wild fire.


I wish to open my eyes and see you in the light

To kiss your sweet face and tell you it’s alright.


I don’t know where we’re are going


I don’t know what to do.


All I know


With each breath I take


I feel a deep love


For you.