Bach Flower Remedies for Children

The Bach Flower Remedies for Children: 

A Holistic Resource to Help Ease The Ups and Downs of Childhood

The Bach Flower Remedies are a powerful tool for transformation. There are 38 flower essences, which comprise the Bach Flower System, considered to be a complete system of healing.  The remedies offer a holistic resource that can help to strengthen our ability move more easily in the world, to have healthier relationships, and to experience greater joy and ease of well-being. They are a gentle, safe and natural method of healing.  The remedies work to restore balance between mind and body by transmuting negative emotions, such as fear, sadness and overwhelm into positive ones, such as calm, joy and ease.  These negative emotions can interfere with our sense of balance, health and overall ease of well being.   The remedies can also assist in resolving trauma and stress from life experiences as well as aiding us as we move through change and transitions.

The Bach Flower Remedies provide a wonderful support for many of the ups and downs of childhood.  Childhood is a time of growth and development.  Along with the joy that childhood can bring, it can also be a time of awkwardness, discomfort and insecurity.  The Bach Flower Remedies can help children to feel more balanced emotionally and can assist in relieving some of the aches and pains of childhood.  They are a natural way to create greater ease during this transformative time.

Bach Flowers have been used to assist with issues such as fear, nightmares, shyness, neediness, temper tantrums, growing pains and situational changes.   They can also help with issues such as ADD or ADHD, anxiety, over sensitivity and relieving traumatic experiences.  Often, issues and conditions that develop in childhood progress with age. By addressing the needs of a child early on, the Bach Flower Remedies can help to support a happier more balanced childhood as well as foster lifelong health and well-being.

The visionary physician Dr. Edward Bach discovered the Bach Flowers Remedies in the 1930’s.  Dr. Bach was well known in England for his work in the areas of bacteriology and homeopathy.  It was through this work that he began to see a connection between state of mind and the disease process.  He found that if he treated the person’s state of mind, all physical symptoms would disappear, and if he treated early enough, it may prevent illness from arising.  He recognized that long-term stress from emotions such as anger, fear or worry can lower a person’s resistance to disease.

By studying vibrational medicine and native British flowers, Dr. Bach discovered that certain plant essences have a profound healing effect on the mind.  He observed that the remedies affected a deep personal transformation in his patients’ character and behavior patterns, which not only prevented disease but also left the patient happier and more integrated.  According to Dr. Bach, certain flowers are of a higher order.  He believed that these healing plants addressed disharmony within the mental and spiritual aspects of our being by flooding our energy field with higher frequencies and thereby aligning our whole being.  They actually transmute negative energies into positive ones.  They do not mask the effects of the emotions, but provide a catalyst for change to occur from within.

Through his work with the flower remedies, Dr. Bach became convinced that treating each individual personality rather than focusing exclusively on the diseases or symptoms a person experiences was the answer to maintaining true health.  He found that by selecting flower remedies according to the personality and emotional states of individuals that he was able to resolve their discomforts.  As a result, people became more balanced emotionally and they got better physically because their bodies were able to heal themselves.

Choosing which remedies to use is a subjective process, which is done through observation and inquiry.  There are 38 Bach Flower Remedies, which address a variety of emotional issues and behavioral patterns.  Treatment can be with a single remedy or a blend of 5 – 7 remedies, which focus on core issues. The following are some specific remedies that can be particularly helpful for children:

Rescue Remedy™ is the most well known Bach Flower Remedy and is a great tool to have on hand for children. It is a combination of five remedies that can be used for stressful situations such as acute stress, hearing bad news, having an accident, test anxiety, or nightmares.  It is designed to have on hand for any emergency situation.  It can help sooth a child who is crying, afraid or unable to calm down.  It is great after a sudden shock or a fall.  Just put 4 drops of Rescue in a cup of water and let your child sip on it.  Rescue Remedy is also available as a spray, pastilles or gum including an alcohol free child formula, which has a glycerin base.  This is a must have remedy for holistic medicine cabinets and a great tool for children.  Many mothers keep this remedy on hand in their purse in case of emergency.

Walnut is a remedy that supports change and transition.  This may help when a child goes to school for the first time or goes to a new school or program.  It can also help in adjusting to any changes in the home or family.  It is beneficial for teething, the arrival of a new sibling, puberty, or any situation when a child is being affected by or reacting to change.  Walnut helps to move through transitions more smoothly.  It is also helpful for children who are very sensitive emotionally or energetically.

Mimulus can help children who are fearful and shy.  It can help those who may be afraid to sleep in the dark or alone.  It helps with fear of outside things such as dogs, spiders or going to the doctor.  It can also be helpful for separation anxiety.  A good indicator is when a child is shy, quiet or timid as well as dealing with fear about specific things as mentioned above.  Mimulus can help a child to have more confidence and courage.

Aspen can help children with nightmares or who are anxious without knowing why.  They are afraid but for no known reason.  This relates more to an uncertain fear or a sense of apprehension whereas Mimulus relates to more specific or identifiable fears.  Sometimes a child has a general sense of apprehension or a “spooky” kind of fear.  It can be particularly helpful after waking from a bad dream.  Aspen can help to ease this sense of uncertainty bringing a sense of inner peace and calm.

Impatiens can help children who get easily frustrated with themselves or others.  This can come from things not moving fast enough or things not happening as fast as they would like them to.  For children or babies who are restless, irritable and may toss and turn at night, Impatiens can help to bring calm and relaxation.

Vervain can help with tension, eagerness and overexcitement.  It can help hyperactive children to be calmer.  For an overly enthusiastic child, it can help bring balance.  It is considered a drive remedy.  It is good to be driven but sometimes we can tend to be overdriven or overly energetic.  For children, who have this excessive energy or excitement, Vervain can help to bring calm and balance.

Crab Apple is considered the “cleansing” remedy.  This refers to mind and body.  Crab apple can be helpful for children and particularly adolescents with body issues; they may have a poor self-image, a sense of discomfort or feeling that something is wrong with them physically.  Although we don’t specifically treat for physical conditions with the Bach Flowers, Crab Apple can also be helpful when a child is having skin related issues such as eczema, psoriasis or other skin irritations.  Crab apple can help to ease the sense of body discomfort that accompanies these issues. It can also be helpful for children who tend to be obsessive about cleanliness or neatness.

The Bach Flower Remedies are all natural; they can do no harm.  If the wrong remedy is chosen, it has no ill effect.   The remedies are administered orally.  Two drops of each essence can be put in a 1 oz. dropper bottle with spring water for ongoing treatment or directly in a cup of water.  For Rescue Remedy, 4 drops are used.  For children, a short course of treatment, even a single dose can be beneficial.  For ongoing issues, it may be helpful to consult with a Bach Flower Practitioner who can help address core patterns and prepare an appropriate remedy.  It may also be beneficial for other members of the family to be treated as in many cases the child is reflecting or reacting to family challenges or dynamics.

Dr. Bach designed the Bach Flower Remedies to be accessible to everyone.  One of his core concepts was “Heal Thyself”, as he believed that we all have the ability to heal ourselves.  The remedies are intended to be a natural support to our own innate healing process.  Children can truly benefit from this wonderful system of healing as they are able to respond quickly to the effects of the remedies.  They are then able to experience greater happiness and overall ease of well-being as they move through the ups and downs of childhood.

Beth D. Terrence, LMT, CHP is a Shaman, Facilitator and Holistic Practitioner.  With over 16 years of experience in the field of holistic healing, she is a leader in providing transformational resources for individuals and organizations.  Her vision is to foster growth and healing for those she works with and for the world.  Through her private practice in Annapolis, MD, she offers Integrative Transformational Sessions, which are available in person or by phone.  These sessions incorporate a variety of modalities including Shamanic Healing, Bach Flower Remedies, Zero Balancing, Meditation & Mindfulness and Energy/Body Therapies.  Beth also facilitates classes and workshops throughout the MD/DC/VA area.  The focus of her work is to support deep transformational healing and to assist her clients in living a more heart-centered, joyful and balanced life.

Additionally, Beth provides transformational resources and wellness services for organizations with a focus on organizational health, communication, peacemaking and the development of work culture.  Learn more about Beth’s work with individuals and organizations at or visit her blog, The Heart of Awakening: Searching for a New Paradigm,, for additional articles on the Bach Flower Remedies and other transformational resources.

Bach Flower Remedy™ Q&A

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