Only Love

by Cassandra Alls


We’ve been connected all along, through many lifetimes and light years.  You’ve found me in each one, flying through the Universe with only your soul as radar.

You don’t know where you are going, but your heart does. When you reach your destination your heart, your soul, your Spirit explode with the energy that remembers. There is a knowing even if the mind fights it. The Spirit is stronger, but you will not listen.

We live in an illusion fighting through the distractions, ignoring the messages that eat away at our being. Pay attention my Love; it’s real, it never ends. Love is eternal.

In silence you found me. In the darkness I saw your eyes open and connect with mine, as if we were there again. In that place where no words exist, but the soul hears the message.

Be with me, if only in your heart and remember. Remember that there is no time, there is no place, there is only now and only Love.

“Truly Amazing. The soul who inspired this is lucky indeed. Beautiful!”  

~Tom Grasso, writer, Countdown to Timelessness


Holistic DIVA, Cassandra Alls is working on her sophomore release of inspiring and heartfelt poetry and stories called Heart SongsFor your soulful and reading pleasure her first release, Eyes of My Soul is available HERE

Eyes of My Soul is a collection of poems inspired from the heart. This magical journey dives into the passionate spirit and mind of a young girl learning about life, love and heartache through life changing events. Cassandra Alls started writing as a young child but only started documenting her journey in 1989 as a freshman in high school. With a series of life altering events, writing was a therapeutic outlet of real and raw emotion. Not afraid to show or share feelings, Cassandra has been an inspiration to many, to free themselves from deep inner struggles, to be at peace with what life brings your way and to live in love.


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