It’s Healing Time

“Are you strong enough to love from where you are; to open up your wounds and heal all the scars?”  

I am working on a new piece; this is gonna be a good one I can feel it. We are in a time of healing core wounds and transformation. We are all getting ready to take flight if we are willing to do the work. Some of it is hard, trust me, I know. Messages are pouring out of me. Are you with me? Buckle your seat belts, there are no emergency exits in the evolution of the heart and mind, just some bumps along the way. I will offer some healthy snacks on this flight. We are next in line for departure. It’s about the journey, not the destination. ♥ Holistic DIVA

So ask yourself, what are your wounds, your hurts, hang ups, or triggers? Let’s face them, and kick ass together. The time is NOW. There is a root cause to all manifestations of our reality. We can also talk about balancing your chakras as part of the process. It’s time to lift the blocks, no matter how many or how heavy and welcome the freedom of clarity and love, no matter what.


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