A New World

by Cassandra Alls


Her eyes gazed at the open sea surrounded by the rainbow of clouds and rays of sun shining as it was ready to set and welcome the darkness of the night.

She sat alone on top of the sands of time connected to Mother Earth awaiting the moment when she knew that she was home. Her mind was open and her heart was free. The energy erased the thorns that were left from her wounded heart.

Her eyes gently closed and in that moment she could see everything. Lights illuminated her being radiating in every direction exposing the fire that was inside her. It reached out into the infinite universe as if a firework had gone off in a million directions, but never extinguished.

No words passed through her lips, but her voice was strong bearing abundant fruits that would reach the corners of the globe, feeding all of humanity with her message of love. As each person picked up and tasted the sweetness of her harvest they would instantly be transformed and bear fruits of love of their own. It would multiply, over and over until everyone experienced the love within themselves.

Fire radiated off of her as the power within grew stronger to aid humanity. Her arms multiplied as if to reach out and hold the world in her arms and offer comfort that all would be well. Her heart was taken from her earthly body and held out into the universe with care. There was so much love in and around it as she offered it to the world. She felt the sorrow of its people but also the love and compassion that continued to grow. She soaked up the love in every direction until it had been refueled and placed back into her being.

Her body swayed as if moving in a figure 8 motion. Feeling the energy pull her in each direction. She was experiencing the universal shifts within her. She was connected, healed, transformed and ready to carry out her mission. As she opened her eyes she gazed at the open sea as the shining stars had just been illuminated with her presence, welcoming the new world.


12/21/12 Hopkins,Belize

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New World (I Found Out)


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