As I prepare for some reiki clients tonight I am reading a new book, Chakra Foods for Optimum Health by Deanna M. Minich, Ph.D., C.N.

What seems to be a topic of attention right now is honoring our emotions; letting them flow. I just finished writing a piece on fear that will be featured on Rebelle Society and Fox and Owl Manifestations in February. We all have some form of fear and it is nothing new that many people suppress and even judge their emotions. In my experience I have learned to let them flow, whatever they maybe. I use to be quick to react or stuff my face with food and then I would miss the lesson, stuffing the emotion down further, possibly creating some unnecessary drama and damage along the way. Now with new awareness I just gently ride the wave and breathe until some nugget of insight or wisdom waves me down on the shore and I feel more settled.

Many are afraid to face their emotions for one reason or another. I know that it may seem comfortable to swim in that warm river of denial, but if not faced with honesty and trust in yourself, it is going to come back and grab your attention in one way or another, many times in the form of illness, anger, fear or depression.

In Reiki it is all about relaxing and finding balance; letting our energies flow through us in harmony. When we start to feel run down, sick, stressed or out of balance that is an indication that we need to take some care of ourselves. What is going on inside us eventually manifests outside of us in some form.  There is much release and sense of calm after a reiki session. I watch my clients come in feeling one way and then walking out of the studio having just melted into their Being, many having a profound or transformative experience.

“It is essential to pay attention to our emotions, since they are an expression of our needs. The more we stifle them, the stronger their call to us. Throughout time, society has downplayed the expression of emotions and emphasized the intellect; however the two work together for our benefit. Emotions allow us to mine the recess of our subconscious and ultimately help us to balance the tendency to use the intellect to reason and analyze our external in internal signals” –Chakra Foods for Optimum Health

I encourage you to take care of yourself and honor your emotions. They are not good or bad, they just are, and they are in fact energy. They are fluid and flow just like the tides. Learn to ride the waves with grace and be true to who you are. Everything balances out and if you would like some help along the way, you are welcome to hop on my table.

“What the mind forgets, the body, the soul remembers.”



“Thank you, Casey, for an amazing reiki session! I came to you when I was emotionally stressed and left feeling very relaxed and in a state of well-being. You are truly a gifted healer.” ~ M.B.


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