The Good-Bye



By Cassandra Deehring Alls

You said I love you, and I did not reply. I just held you for a moment trying not to cry; for this my friend, was a bittersweet good-bye. Not wanting to let go, not wanting to leave, I looked back with tears and a smile as I had said it a million times before. I felt Love as I do to this day, yet there’s enormous pain that will not go away. I took a few steps and stopped to look back hoping you were still there. But you were gone, gone forever, and now my heart feels bare.

The heart does not play games; games are your thoughts in your mind. The ones that make up stories to defend its place in time. I could not explain or express the emotion, its beyond what I’ve ever felt; like Orion on the hunt, yet safe and secure as his belt.

I woke up to our story repeating itself in a different place and time, yet the book has been stolen; such a thoughtless, loveless crime. You said there were no words to describe what we have, even with the love we behold. Now with no more pages to write the desk is dusty, lonely and cold. As I look out the window the clouds have gathered fast and the past has relapsed only to awaken the dreamer to what’s real; it’s the Love that’s inside you, if you allow yourself to feel.

I see it, I feel it all around me as it has been with us for years, but now I only mourn my Love, with my sacred, precious tears.

photo: Alison Harbaugh

Good-bye, my love }



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