Standing in front of this mirror spoke volumes loud and true.

She saw beauty, strength, love, compassion and a heart forever true.

So why the broken heart my love, when what you see is you?

She looked, she stared and fell deep in this reflection as she had never fallen before.

As if heaven’s angels were calling, knocking on her door.

You are here, you made it, and now you see what’s true.

It’s the beauty and love inside me that is also inside you.

The pain you feel is in your mind, just know that you are real.

The world is waiting for you, my love; to shine, to love, to heal.

She stood in awe, embraced in comfort for this reflection she had never seen.

She dove into the landscape, new places she had never been.

What you see and what you seek is standing right before you.

Follow your heart beautiful one, because it knows just what to do.

“I love you now, I loved you then and I will love you forever more, ” He said.

“Just take my hand and step in to see that I am you

And you are me.”


~ Cassandra Deehring Alls


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