Ocean of Love


As the waves meet the shore time and time again you flow with the tides and I sit among the sands of time awaiting your caress along the shoreline.

We were a collision of hearts, riding out the same storm that ignited a glorious light that helped me find my way.  Like a lighthouse you stood steadfast as you do to this day remembering me and reminding me.

You recognized me right away and in that moment with your arms around me, I remembered who I was and where I came from.  It’s as if I was a lost ship struggling at sea and then, I saw the light in the distance that guided me home.

I loved you the moment I saw you, even if you where a ghost in my mind. I felt your skin, I swam into your eyes, and I dove into the depths of your soul. In these clear warm waters I was cleansed, purified and baptized  into a place of no time and space, but a love  that set me free and gave me my freedom.

I continue to splash and play in these waters, in this love that surrounds me and fills me with grace. I don’t need anyone or anything to cling to as I am immersed and floating in these waves all alone. This water surrounds me and fills me with a fluidity of unconditional love that poured out of your heart and into mine.


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