The Gift

She held her hands tightly on her chest as the pain was just too much. Kneeling at the shoreline while tears caressed her face, she opened her eyes for a moment and saw her heart laying there, beating in between her hands. 

She had always felt deeply within the presence of her experience. He spoke to her in her dreams and he traveled to the depths of her soul dancing with her desire. She felt there was so much more to this life than what she had experienced already and in this moment her life flashed before her eyes as her breath became heavy, while holding her heart in her hands.

There are no coincidences in this life, although this seemed like a chance meeting of two passionate hearts. There was a gravitational pull that crossed a great distance until finally their eyes met, there hearts connected and their bodies intertwined. There was a beautiful purity in this connection, a truth and a freedom she had never felt before. He called for her, welcomed her with open arms, an open heart and a soul so sweet she could swim in the depths of those waters forever.

She never expected to be in wrapped in these arms, swim in these seas, to see through those eyes and to hear another heart so strongly. They were a surprise gift to one another.  Then one day, she felt the distance. He did not want to venture pass these moments, he did not want to surf the great seas together. He did not want to continue the dance they started. She was to remain with all the other specs of sand the shoreline, just a moment in time and nothing more.

Expect the unexpected, but do not have expectations. Your memories are attached to your experience, but do not attach yourself to your memories. You cannot control when, and who you love; you just feel it. There is no rhyme, there is no reason. It just is.

She loved him deeply, with no demands and no conditions, but all she could do is let him be and let him explore the treasures of the sea.

As the fire in her heart pumped outside of her body she said out-loud to the open sea, “I have had many loves, but none that have completely taken my heart and soul, so this is for you, so that our precious moments never have to part.” Her open heart lay in her open hands as she gently placed it in the ocean and said goodbye so that he could feel her heartbeat forever.



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