Winds of Change

Winds of Change

It’s that moment when the cracked window pane is about to break. It has seen the light, it has been in darkness it is about to shatter and let the winds of change through.  The air has been seeping through slowly whispering messages that I understand, but sometimes could not get my mind around. I understand in my heart, but my mind continues to question and need answers.

In the middle of the night a stranger came to the door. I was not afraid, it was almost as I had been expecting a visitor. It was a man wandering through the night and needed a place to rest his head. I knew him although we had never met. He asked if he could stay and he would have to leave first thing in the morning. I told him I had some extra blankets and pillows and he could rest by the fire.

He embraced me in gratitude and came in for the night. As he settled in I made some tea. I went back to my bed and through the doorway I saw him sitting and starring at the fire. After a few minutes I went out and asked if he wanted company. I sat near him and asked him where he was going.

He didn’t know.

I asked him how he got here.

He did not know.

He did tell me the story of how he began his journey.

He had become disillusioned at the way life was being lived. He wanted to break the cycle and live life to the fullest. He was tired of living in fear and made the choice to live his life and be free from the chains of fear and illusion. We talked for what seemed like hours, shared stories and at one point our eyes just locked and the story continued in silence as fire continued to blaze.

There was an unstoppable current beween them and a comfortable knowing. They both leaned in to kiss eachother and in that moment their lips connected the winds grew stronger outside. The intensity continued to build as the energy created a union of illumination.  The window shattered and the winds came in full force. The winds of change.

I woke up with the sunrise and thought it was all a dream. In the kitchen a fresh pot of tea and a note:

Thank you, dear friend for a place to rest my head. I know your fear and feel your pain.

Take time to heal and time to mend and you will find yourself again. The truth you seek is all inside; it’s time to let go, be free and not hide. Believe in yourself, sweetheart. There are no truths greater than the ones we feel.

Until we meet again. 


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