Time to Shine

Hello Beautiful.

Here you are again. You are special and unique and have talents you need to harness. It’s time to invoke your own special kind of magic. Each day you come back to walk this planet.


If you don’t know yet you soon will. You have so much power in that skin you are in.

How will you use it?

It’s time.

It’s time to take responsibility for your life, your world and your planet.

It’s time.

To understand that YOU make a difference just being here. The thoughts you think, the words you say, the choices you make and the love and compassion you share.

Do you hear me? Has it hit you yet? That fire in your belly and pulsing in your chest that it’s time to get to work. I’m not talking about your ‘job’ but dammit, you have a job to do.

Get to it.

We need you.


Do you feel like you are about to come out of the cosmic closet? Does the energy in you feel like it is going to burst through your skin? Do you realize that you are bigger than the human vessel that you are in?

You are about to burst open.

The universe is not out there.

It’s in you

And it’s growing.



Do the cells in your body dance? Do you hear the ringing of existence in your ears?

You are waking up dear one.

Like it or not you have a choice to make.

You can choose to wake up to a new way of existence or stay comfortably numb in the lies that you have been spoon fed since you arrived. It’s time to wake up out of the coma and the conditioning of your mind, and see the world with new ears and new eyes as the sun shines brighter and the clouds pass on by. The pieces have been falling, you have been chipping away as your feet walk this land day by day. Soon once all the pieces of the puzzle have fallen away all that is left is a light that is here to stay.

Shine On, Dear One.

Shine On.


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