Breaking Free

I hear the whispers from across the ocean.

I see the mirage around my mind.

I feel the spirit that flows through my flesh.


It’s bubbling.

It’s burning.

It’s now time.


I hear the messages from the mountains

I see the suns rays fueling life

I feel the creation surging inside me.


It’s happening

It’s heavy

It’s heaven.


Will you come or will you stay

Here on earth in your complacent ways?


Will you take the step and lift the veil

Or continue to sit translate braille?


Will you live to die or die to live

Because the choice was given 

Not yours to give.


The time is now to be free 

And escape the chains that prevent your flee.

No one holds the key but you

Break them now to see the truth.


Your time here is short.

What will you do?


What you want is desperately

awaiting you.


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