I Feel Your Pain

I feel your pain

I feel your pain.

You’ve been hurt.

We all have.

You carry your pain tightly, with a fierce possession as you mistake this as a necessity for future protection. You press the thorn back into skin in the mistaken belief this will hurt you less.

People say people grow through pain, maybe this is sometimes so. But through might be the right word and not holding onto it. Your pain makes you angry, fearful and hurt. It’s become who you are rather than something the true you experiences. You start to fear letting it go more than it hurts to hold it. It grows. It festers. It is a demon within.

Judgements follow.

Broad sweeping generalisations and simple approaches to life. Not simple in beauty but over simple narrow and blinded. Engaging in life becomes painful, so you don’t look deeply within. Your external view becomes as shallow as your internal one. Your no longer engaged with life. Your bitter and hurt. The demon is more you than you.

The dark shallowness of you is painful to me, because I see moment by moment potential thrown away.

Lest you think I’m saying in perfect, we all have our demons to battle, inside not without. But when you are offended by others, when they make to angry, when your immediate reaction is hateful to individuals or a group know that in that moment the demon has won. When he wins he takes a step towards hell.

You might not even notice because you probably feel your already there.

Written by A. Bear


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