We are all unique.

We have our own hearts, our own wings and our own two feet. I don’t care what you look like, how much money you have or what you do for a living. I don’t care if you are Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Atheist or Hindu. I care if you love others unconditionally and if you are kind. I care if you help those in need, support those in suffering and celebrate the beautiful diversity of the people of this earth and walk around with a loving mind.

There is so much division —

so much hate —

so much suffering.


It’s exhausting to defend my true nature. To fight the projections, misconceptions and false ideals people put upon me.

I will no longer waste my energy on it.

Those that know my heart value me and my existence.

My life is my message.

I may not belong to your church or believe everything you believe.

I keep it pure.

I keep it simple.

I don’t need a temple for I walk in my own.

I don’t need a church for earth is the sanctuary that I roam.

I believe in the love of every creature and I do my best to share the love that I am. So cast your judgements and throw your stones and remember that I am but a reflection of you. And when you shatter that mirror with your anger and hate, when the glass breaks and the illusion is gone…

What will you have left?


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