The Destination

The moment our eyes open and we leave the warm womb we have been transported to a new world.

This journey has begun.

As we go through our life we are offered countless experiences that shape us and create the world that we live in. We hear stories, create stories and begin a storage of beliefs that can either open us up to possibilities or limit our existence. We learn to listen to others, do what we are told, do this, follow that. We constantly go on looking at this road map waiting to get to the final destination in the hopes that when we get there everything will be perfect, blissful and worth all the pain, strain and heartache that you have found on this interstate.

There are many that believe when we leave this earth we go to heaven?

Maybe we do.

Maybe we don’t.

Maybe we return as a rabbit.

Let me show you my magic hat as I attempt to pull a rabbit out for you and offer some thoughts that may change the direction you take as you review your travel plans.

What if the journey never ends?

Suppose there is no final destination.

The only thing we have is the journey and it’s up to us to create what we desire.

The future as we imagine it is not guaranteed and the past is just a fuzzy Nick and Nite rerun in your mind.

We do not live in the past.

We do not live in the future.

Our destiny is the destination of each moment.

Your journey takes you to many destinations.

It’s our heart and mind that guide us. That is our GPS, but do we listen?


If we do not like our current destination what do we do?

Who do we call to change the reservations that we have made?

Close your eyes.

Take a breath.

Where do you want to go?

In that moment we open our eyes to a new world.

A new destination.

Our thoughts and perceptions can help or hinder our travel plans.

Where do you want to go?

Heaven or hell, peace or chaos is built into your dashboard.

It just depends what you choose to see out of the windshield of your mind.

My suggestion is to eliminate cruise control so that you can make choices in awareness.

Know where you want to go.

You can get there when you clean out the old debris from the past off road experiences.

If you choose to take to the sea and sail, don’t fight the wind or the currents. Flow with it.

In each moment a new beautiful destination awaits you.

You bought the ticket.



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