Why Are You Here?

I just can’t do it.

As hard as I try.

I tell the feeling to please go away.

You have no business here.

I can’t see you.

I can’t hold you.

I can’t kiss you.

Why are you here?

There is something in here, that is quite clear.

So my lesson my love is to love you from here.

I can’t see your eyes

I can’t feel your breath

Why does this sometimes feel like death?

The fire is strong and the energy high

The wind of the universe won’t let it die.

It burns through distance.

It burns through time.

It burns through the illusions and lies in my mind.

So for now, you are a dream

Something unseen

The untouchable love

Felt in between.

In between breaths

In between clouds

In between my heart beats

That I can hear out loud.

In between the time

In between the space

My love for you is here

In my heart space.

“The worst punishment is to throw someone out of your heart.” ~Maharaji


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