Wild Fire

I found you in the darkness, stirring in my soul

A power so profound, I have absolutely no control.


I heard you in the darkness, a voice so calm and near

It was not my ears that heard, but my soul so loud and clear.


There are so many questions, with no answers to be found.

I often find myself kneeling, on the blessed ground.


My heart pulls me outside my chest, there is no remedy

It yearns to bring you closer, so much closer to me.


You walk around my dreams, you fill me with desire

There is nothing that can explain this rampant wild fire.


I wish to open my eyes and see you in the light

To kiss your sweet face and tell you it’s alright.


I don’t know where we’re are going


I don’t know what to do.


All I know


With each breath I take


I feel a deep love


For you.


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