The One

Many tend to get immensely infatuated with the idea of finding the ideal relationship or mate, the one, a true love. I was remembering something a friend shared that sparked this inspiration.

We all are true love.

And if we are true to ourselves we will find that the most important relationship is the one with ourselves and the divine within us. We will see reflections and extensions of our self all around, but your true love, is you. Everyone is our teacher, we share in the lesson of life. To remember the immense power and love within of we allow ourselves to tap in and stop looking out the window, wishing and hoping.

The phrase the second coming of Jesus popped in my head this morning. It was bizarre. This is what followed:

The second coming is you, it’s me.

It’s awaiting our realization.

It’s awaiting for the masses to wake up. It’s happening and we are an extension, a reflection of the source of unity.

Tap in.

Tune in.

You are the One you have been waiting for.

Once you feel that and understand that you will bear amazing witness to what happens next.

Be love.


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