Mind Your Business

Our life, our path, our journey is uniquely our own.

It is in our best interest not to compare or judge.

Everyone has circumstances, experiences and connections that aid in their purpose.

As one friend reminds me, there are no accidents.

People may come and go, but they are never gone.

Everything is shape shifting.

If you concern yourself with where you are going, or someone else’s path you have missed the gift of where you are living and breathing right now.

Sometimes you may feel stuck or stagnate on your path.

This is but a pregnant pause.

I reminded my daughter yesterday as she was practicing yoga.

She said, “mommy, I am still.”

I said, yes you are, but you are still active and moving with your breath.

Some may not understand.

It’s not their business.

As Krishna Dass has said, “Just do your business.”

I say, mind your business and enjoy the ride.


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