Time to Fly

It’s happening, shifting,

Transforming before my eyes.

I feel my heart open more,

But this time for myself not for anyone else.

Oh the glorious freedom of standing in your own power

And knowing who you are and knowing your worth.

I am grateful for all the loves and all the lessons.

They have propelled me to this point.

And as the wind blows through the trees

It also dances with my hair in celebration

For the new breath I have felt tonight.

The Goddess rises in celebration

As love washes over my bare skin

As I stand naked in the rain.

I am complete within this supple flesh.

You may desire to taste the sweetness,

But if not careful may turn sour if your intention is not pure.

You may desire to swim in my ocean,

But you must be prepared not only to dive into the oasis,

But dive into the depths of your being first.

Oh sweet beloved, you have returned again.

I feel you with each breath as my chest rises and falls

And my body is moist with anticipation.

There are no more walls my love, just the open sky.

Hold my hand and together we will fly

And transcend this time and space to an eternal ecstasy.

Kiss me, my love and remember.


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