You Are Free

Kali energy is fierce.

I’ve been called self-absorbed.

In a way, yes.

My life as I knew it died and I’ve been picking up the pieces to rebuild what I wish for the future.

I know who I am, I have a compassionate heart, I give, I listen, I love.

So, forgive me for walking my path and taking time for me.

If my presence and story makes you uncomfortable,

I ask you why?

You wish to speak, speak.

I’m not holding anyone back from being who they are or feeling what they feel or walking their own road.

I have shared many times that we all have our wounds and struggles but we don’t own them, and uncertainly don’t offer mine to others.

But I do share my journey, with those that choose to walk beside me in the sun and the rain and can handle the winds that blow.

My heart and arms are always open.

If you need me.

I am here.

I will not own your wounds,

But I will hold you in my arms until the tears purify your heart and mind

So you can see

You are free.


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