more to life

Sometimes, it’s beautiful to see a beloved sleeping, however,

There is a sadness when you see them sleep walking through the world.

They sleep through their pain; keep it hidden in the darkness,

Drown it in the denial of the existence they are living.

There is a false bravado of happiness that echos in the laughter

When the tears want to flow and the screams want to escape through the walls they have built up.

They have that inner voice and that sense of wanting more from life.

They are afraid to shed their layers, afraid to share their true voice and expose their tender heart.

I can see the longing

The yearning for more.

I feel your pain

And I see the infection of fear

That runs through your veins.

I want to kiss you awake.

I love them.

I love him

But I have to let them all go.

They have their own journey of discovery.

So, I left him sleeping, in a peaceful unrest.

I blew a kiss good bye with tears in my eyes

In the hopes someday,

All hearts

Will hear the call

Tear down the walls

And know…

That there is so much more to this life.


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