Open Up, Let It Out

A few weeks ago I asked a friend about vulnerability — to be able to live in honesty and truth of your life, boundaries, emotions, to push past fear. It’s frightening to live with your heart fully exposed and be honest with yourself and others. I cannot bottle things up. I have discovered that when I do, I become stressed, angry or sick, I am not my best or true self.

Too many people keep things behind locked doors in their heart, consciously or subconsciously and it causes a whole host of problems. Our physical, mental, emotional bodies are all part of our energetic structure as living human organisms. When out of balance, separated or blocked we enter into a state of dis-ease.

We need to honor ourselves, and our emotions. I wanted to share a vulnerable moment with you. These emotions will pass like the clouds in the sky, when the rain falls it will offer cleansing and clarity and healing begins. A new dawn arrives with new awareness, lessons and strength to keep moving forward. We never know the entire story or journey of another soul, but as connected creatures, we are not alone.

We all have hearts, heart breaks and fears. What I know is that our heart is meant to break open fully to expand us to all the possibilities that await us in this lifetime and there is truly nothing to fear. Much Love.

:: Holistic DIVA UNPLUGGED ::

It’s happening. I knew it was coming, the release of tears, the letting go, the pain, sadness and disappointment that has been infecting my soul.

Please leave, I don’t want you here anymore.

I can’t stop loving people, but I want this to leave my body, my mind.

The love will never leave my heart.

I wish I could hold them and kiss them one more time, but that chance I had to do so I was turned away. I know it’s not “me” they turned away, but it still hurts, tears still fall. I kneel in this puddle hoping to be cleansed and renewed.

God dammit… it hurts.

Please release me.

Release me now.

The time is over, contract up.

I want to be free from this fucking sadness, from the toxic lies and manipulation. I sit, soaked, misunderstood and will love in silence.

In silence, I find the love that is mine.

The love that is me.


4 thoughts on “Open Up, Let It Out

  1. Thanks for having the courage to be vulnerable with us. Just feel it, really feel it.. Reach the depths of that pain and sadness, and then slowly watch it dissipate.

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