Love Lives Here

The moment I read your words, I felt your soul.

It called me.

It moved me so deeply as they were written just for me.

This was the beginning of the liberation of me.

I did not know where I was going but I knew that I needed to fly.

I was not meant for the cage of the existence I was living. I knew there was more. My heart was hungry and the fire that was slowly fading became a raging wild fire. It burned through the lies and ignited the truth and showed me the way, to me, through you. How could you not feel my soul when it guided me to you?

You saw the flames and knew there was no stopping the destruction but you also knew that you had to let me burn, face my fears, my demons and the ghosts that heckled me in the night. You walked me to it, and I thought I may have lost you in the fire, until I saw you through the dense smoke on the other side. You never left me, even when I thought you were gone forever.

How come you still can’t feel my soul?

Maybe you still have guards at the gate.

You love me, but won’t let me in, even though I have let you in time and time again.

You have come to me in rage, you have come to me in love and you have shown your face in my dreams in fear when I felt you gasping for air. I had every intention of letting you go, yet you reappear. I will not force a souls journey. I will not augment the lessons. I will continue to travel with the gifts and beautiful memories in my heart and know that even through the barriers of your heart and mind…

Love lives here.

I wonder if you feel the waves calling you to the sea, as the birds taunt you to fly.

You wish for the depth as you look at the skies. You want to swim as much as you want to fly.

Until the flood gates open, the waves of love crash on the doors of your heart.

On the other side you will see that there is no sky, there is no sea.

There is only you and only me.


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