Originally published on Rebelle Society

October 8, 2014

I came into this world alone and I will leave it alone, but in between I have been rewriting my happily ever after.

It’s not a destination I seek, it’s here and now. I do not need anything or anyone to complete me, for I was born beautifully whole. I have walked this earth. I’ve been battered and bruised. I’ve been held in love and held in lies.

I have inhaled the grand vistas, walked through the dense jungles, swum the depths of the ocean and found my way through the darkness of night.

I am a warrior.

Yes, I have scars on my flesh and in my heart, but they are not who I am. They are stories, lessons and reminders that have brought me to present moment. They have shown me how far I have traveled.

I will not be defeated by illusion, for I know there is so much more to this existence I see.

I see beyond the stars.

I hear whispers in the wind as she blows through me.

I see reflections in the pools of the eyes that meet mine…

… and visions that flash in my consciousness.

I talk to nature.

I honor the sun and the moon.

I celebrate fire, and rest by the water’s edge.

I feel life with every fiber of my being.

I have eyes of a tiger…

… and wings of an angel.

My senses are strong, so come in truth with your naked soul. In your vulnerability there is strength beyond measure. I warn you, I am all fire and if you hold back an inch you will burn. We have had our hearts break. I celebrate it. I realize it has broken me open to the vastness of this existence.

If your heart is closed or you live in fear, I suggest you don’t tread here.

There have been those who have claimed to love me, and I loved them deeply as I welcomed them inside my heart and the flesh of my existence. When I love, I love; it is limitless and never ends.

I have had amazing experiences while levitating off my bed and astral-cosmic connections that were out of this world.

But I desire that dedicated partner, here and now, in present time, to team up and support each other in all our endeavors, healing humanity and living a passionate existence in all ways.


A partner where we rock this world together inside and outside of our lovers’ embrace.

I travel well alone, however, in union there is strength.

I am not easily defined, or chained to one spot.

I like to explore the depths of this world and discover and uncover all that we are.

I am kind, I am tender, I am loyal

And I am fierce.

Love lives here.

You will find me…

… when you are ready to…

… rock…

… this…

… world.


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