heart songs

“Heart Songs is a cornucopia of passion and ecstasy poetically presented to elicit a spiritual awakening. Prepare to have your emotions heightening until they overflow with sensual romance, joy, and universal love that transcends daily existence.”

 Neil Z. Miller, New Atlantean Press


“You don’t know where you are going, but your heart does…”

A marriage of creative expression and a mixed media experience of the senses; Heart Songs is a journey into the depths of the human soul. Diving deep into the changing tides of love while finding healing in the heartache. Within these pages you will witness love’s depths, feel the heart transform, expand and find hope.

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From the very opening lines of Cassandra Deehring Alls’ Heart Songs, we are ushered into the deepest recesses of a human soul— every human. The interconnectedness that exists between each and every one of us via our emotions is beautifully and masterfully captured in this new collection of poetry and prose. –Lloyd Matthew Thompson, StarfieldPress.com

“When a woman awakens…the heart of the Universe pulsates in ecstatic rhythm. That is what reverberates through the pages of Heart Songs.” –Cynthia Dawn, Author of INDIGENA