Cassandra’s tapestry of work from poetry & prose to wellness and erotica can be found on the Rebelle Society,  The VIBES, Women’s Spiritual Poetry and Mantra Yoga + Health Magazine.


Eyes of My Soul

Heart Songs

Best of Rebelle Society Vol. I

Journey of the Heart – from Balboa Press and Women’s Spiritual Poetry


“{ Because of You, my heart sings unconditionally with Love…} From the very opening lines we are ushered into the deepest recesses of a human soul— every human. The interconnectedness that exists between each and every one of us via our emotions is beautifully and masterfully captured in this new collection of poetry and prose.”
Lloyd Matthew Thompson – Starfield Press

“Your voice, so soothing and gentle, and your poems so mystical! They brought tears to my eyes. Especially as my heart grieves. The themes spoke to me. Thank you for sharing yourself this way.”

Catherine Ghosh – Women’s Spiritual Poetry

“Heart Songs is a cornucopia of passion and ecstasy poetically presented to elicit a spiritual awakening. Prepare to have your emotions heightening until they overflow with sensual romance, joy, and universal love that transcends daily existence.”
Neil Miller – New Atlantean Press

“Truly Amazing. The soul who inspired this is lucky indeed. Beautiful! ”
Tom Grasso – Author

“Eyes of My Soul is a wonderful, insightful, whimsical and heartfelt collection. That one woman had the bravery and intuition to be still and listen and allow these amazing gifts to come forth is, in it’s essence a gift to all who read them.”
Bob Sima – Musician

“When a woman awakens…the heart of the Universe pulsates in ecstatic rhythm. That is what reverberates through the pages of Heart Songs.”
Cynthia Dawn – Harmonious Existence Remembered

“Eyes of My Soul is an incredible collection of such open, pure and honest emotions and experience, it successfully leaves you feeling as if you were a first-hand witness, if not the speaker herself. Deeply layered with intense energies, you will wonder if you felt the book, or read its actual words. Cassandra fearlessly shares herself with her readers, and invites us to take part of her beautiful journey with her.”
Llyod Matthew Thompson – Starfield Press

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